Currently offering many world-class new instruments that will suit anyone's needs.   For more information click on the links below.  This is just a sample of the hundreds of instruments currently in stock and if there's something you are interested in that's not on the list email us and we'll find it for you. 

Adams Brass

Handmade in the Netherlands and made with incredible craftsmanship  these are arguably the finest instruments in the world!   We sell  all of their brass offerings, from the piccolo trumpets to the Tubas! 

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Austin Custom Brass Doubler's  Series

Incredibly popular in our line of instruments and supremely value priced  these are a great option for anyone!

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ACB is an exclusive US  supplier of the Japanese MAC corporation's wonderful instruments.   Check out the value based  Unicorn line or the handmade line of Brasspire instruments! 

Brasspire instruments

John Packer (JP) Brass

We think the JP  line of instruments are some of the most impressive affordable lines of instruments out there.  We especially love their collaborative line with other makers such as Smith-Watkins and Sterling. If you want great quality at supremely fair prices check this line out! 

The amazing JP Sterling Euphonium

Jupiter Brass

Jupiter has really upped their quality over the years and in fact Trent plays one of the piccolo trumpets and loves it!  We offer the entire line of  Jupiter brass instruments in our shop. 

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Manchester Brass

Austin Custom Brass is the sole US  dealer of these world-class instruments at incredible prices

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We have hundreds of instruments in stock, including a wonderful assortment of Pre-Owned and Vintage instruments!  

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