ACB Standard Series

These Standard line mouthpieces are formulated for players playing a conventional "stock" mouthpiece. For instance if you play a Bach or Curry 3C a good place for you to start is with our 3C. While our 3C does not equal theirs it’s a great starting point for each client. Here is some additional information about your options:

• Each Standard line comes with a custom throat mated for optimal performance with each cup, rim and backbore.  If you require a  custom throat size this  can be ordered if you prefer.Please note all other alterations done to the mouthpiece will make the piece a custom order thus removing the return option.

• Each piece can be ordered as a one piece blank. Custom Blanks are available.  These are available in Silver or Gold Plate.

ACB Standard Series

• A detachable two-piece top is available, compatible with "Warburton" Threads.  

Order Tops

• Two-piece tops are available in Silver Plate, Gold Plate, Copper (silver plated),  Delrin, and acrylic. 

• Also available as a custom order are ACB/Wedge   1-piece collaborative  mouthpieces with a Wedge (TM) rim. 

ACB/Wedge Hybrids

Looking for something special that isn't in the standard line?  Contact us!

Truly custom ACB Mouthpieces are not only very affordable but only 6-8 weeks.

Want a copy of your existing mouthpiece in perhaps a different blanks? Not a problem!

In the next few months I hope to cut down the custom mouthpiece time even more as we have our in-house CNC and digitization options available. 

Of course a lot more info can be found on the shop page as well as our Facebook page.

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