• ACB Studio and Skype lessons for 2017

    I'm not into resolutions but one thing I am going to really try to do more this upcoming year is teach more. I have missed it so much and miss seeing one's eyes light up after discovering new pathways to becoming a better musician. I am also looking into doing a few more outreach concerts/workshops (in between shows and possibly around these shows as well).

    The Skype studio is going to launch a few new programs in January and if anyone is interested in a tpt/improv hang email us.  I know the rates we charge (through the shop) are very friendly on the wallet.

    Big hugs to everyone out there and I hope you are staying warm in the early parts of this crazy wintah!

  • Temporary PayPal gateway issues fixed

    ‚ÄčFYI the shop is open with Ian and Scott manning the shop. I am working from home all morning as we had a bit of web store glitch these past few days with PayPal payments but I have corrected it. We switched over to a different payment gateway recently and it looks like some orders via PayPal weren't going through (thanks to my customers for bringing it to our attention yesterday).

    That being said you can checkout via PayPal express checkout and it works fine (again). We will be following up with all of our clients who had issues with the paypal checkout system this past week in the next few days and get your orders processed. Thanks again for your wonderful support and patience!

    If you had an order that didn't go through please be sure to ‚Äčemail us and we'll help you asap. 

    Thanks everyone for your patience!

  • Introducing the ACB Gen II Trumpet mouthpiece line!


    For 6 years I have been waiting for this moment and it's finally here!   A fully 100% in-house made mouthpiece!




    We are beyond excited to proudly present the ACB Gen II trumpet mouthpiece line:




    Why go to a new series of mouthpieces?




    It's simple:   We can  now control every aspect of manufacturing.  No more delays via suppliers and platers (we are doing plating as well and  plating is guaranteed for life based on normal wear). We can easily edit and  make custom pieces.    Our tolerances are superb,  our quality control is meticulous since we now can control every  step of the processs.    Engraving is simple,  easy to read. 


      We will soon have GEN II one-piece mouthpieces (most likely in one month or so)  but right now we are offering the following tops, including some new pieces exclusive to the Gen II line!


    These will be proudly on display at the 2016 ITG  conference along with an extensive collection of Adams and Manchester Brass instruments in the Huntington Suite.  Come by, check them out, play them,  and order yours today!   We'll also have a huge selection of our other ACB  mouthpieces at the show as well. 


                     Simply type in GEN2 in the coupon code box at checkout to save 10% off any Generation II ACB  model top. Special introductory pricing is already up and free US  shipping as well              


    Again please accept our heartfelt thanks for all of your fantastic support making our dreams come alive.   We simply couldn't do it without you!  









    Trent Austin




    Austin Custom Brass








  • School vacation weeks... is it time for an appointment?

    It's school vacation week time (this week in MA and ME, next week in NH). If you want to schedule some service work for your instrument we still have a few slots available. Email the shop at or call 781-944-6247 to set up your appointment times.

    We are also getting and listing many more pre-owned instruments today, including two great playing MLP LA Benges, a superb playing Bach 43, and a few other goodies. Should be a busy week at the shop (like every other). We'll be open at noon today!

  • New Dealer in Peru, upcoming shows, and more!

    NAMM 2016 was an absolute blast!    Hearty thanks to everyone that came out and visited us at our booth this year!  We have so much to talk about and so many things happening as a result of the fantastic show.  We did open with a new dealer who will be our exclusive dealer in Peru!   More dealers have signed up as well (we'll be posting all their info up online:

    Address: Pedro Conde 236 Lince Lima Peru (Zip code Lima14)
    phones:  +5114225657 and  +51993340181

    Also please check out our upcoming events page at the showroom, including our 2nd annual Adams Brass Day with Miel Adams at ACB... this year will include a free concert as well at the shop!

    Upcoming shows