• Kansas City here we come!

    Kansas City here I come! Actually here we come! My wife Laurie has recently accepted a new position outside of KC and we couldn’t more excited for a new venture ahead of us. I have lived in New England my whole life (growing up in Maine, going to college in NH and MA, then moving to Boston in 1997) and this area will always have a special place in my life. I am so proud and happy for my wife who truly is a superhero in her field and of course in my life.

    For the past few years we have been visiting different areas around the country thinking about possible relocation spots and every time we visited the area Kansas City won. Great people, great food, easy traffic, great vibe, decent real estate and opportunities for business owners like myself. This decision, while seeming sudden for some, has been years in the making behind the scenes. We just didn’t know when the time would reveal itself but the wheels have been in motion for some time.

    To our passionate fans at ACB please be assured it’s business as usual! In the short time absolutely nothing changes. Our online store, eBay outlet, Reverb outlets will not change. The Boston-area store will continue to operate as usual but eventually the full store will move to the KC area (see below). Any schools who purchase through ACB will continue to receive incredible treatment from all of us at ACB.

    We are so very excited for the future! If anyone has any questions please be sure to reach out via email ( or phone (781-944-6247).

    Big hugs and thanks to you all! Onwards and upwards!

    Some shop timelines in regards to the move

    Here are a few crucial dates in regards to the shop and the upcoming move:4/16 This will be the last day for any repair drop-offs in the Boston shop.

    5/4-5/5 ACB "Thank You" Party, Jam Session, and Moving Sale (stay tuned for an additional announcement on our FB page)

    5/8 Last official open day at ACB (email us for more specifics)

    6/15 (or sooner) official open of the KC shop!

  • Expanded hours for the holiday season!

    Good news! We have expanded our shop hours and now will be open 10-5 Tuesday-Friday and 10-3 on Saturday. Be advised we still encourage appointments but are now more flexible with additional staff. We look forward to seeing you at the shop soon!

    (Repair  appointments are available Monday-Friday...  email the shop and we'll schedule your visit shortly. With an appointment most routine/minor repairs can be completed the same day).

  • Check out this cool  video of the new ACB  Doubler  4-valve piccolo trumpet in comparison with a Scherzer!

    Click for more info

  • May-Day with the Monsters!

    Not only did we have a super fun time making the teaser video (as some of you might have seen) the full interview was a blast.

    Click on this link to get an exclusive discount coupon code for the entire month of May!

    Special thanks to my friends at Monster Oil for the world's best lubricants that keep my horns smooth! 

  • Today's the day for the Annual ACB Adams Brass Day!

    Today's the day! We do hope you can come out to our annual ACB Adams Brass Day... we have so many great trumpets, flugels, piccolo trumpets, euphoniums, and even the new Adams Trombone on display (and for purchases).

    The New ACB prototype trumpet will also be available for testing. 

    Miel Adams is here and will be in the shop to answer any technical details you might have as well share a few laughs. From 5:30-7 we'll have a live band full of amazing musicians (Ryan Parker, Bruce Gertz, and Les Harris, Jr.) playing and we will open the session up to jam as well. Free and open to the public. Please consider attending if you can. We'd love to see you!


  • ACB Studio and Skype lessons for 2017

    I'm not into resolutions but one thing I am going to really try to do more this upcoming year is teach more. I have missed it so much and miss seeing one's eyes light up after discovering new pathways to becoming a better musician. I am also looking into doing a few more outreach concerts/workshops (in between shows and possibly around these shows as well).

    The Skype studio is going to launch a few new programs in January and if anyone is interested in a tpt/improv hang email us.  I know the rates we charge (through the shop) are very friendly on the wallet.

    Big hugs to everyone out there and I hope you are staying warm in the early parts of this crazy wintah!