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Sep 15, 2017

One of the finest trumpets we have ever had in the shop!

Be sure to click the link below for audio and video files of this ridiculously amazing instrument.   I have looked for 20+ years for one and I have to be honest it was worth the wait!


Mar 22, 2017

Today's the day for the Annual ACB Adams Brass Day!

Today's the day! We do hope you can come out to our annual ACB Adams Brass Day... we have so many great trumpets, flugels, piccolo trumpets, euphoniums, and even the new Adams Trombone on display (and for purchases).

The New ACB prototype trumpet will also be available for testing. 

Miel Adams is here and will be in the shop to answer any technical details you might have as well share a few laughs. From 5:30-7 we'll have a live band full of amazing musicians (Ryan Parker, Bruce Gertz, and Les Harris, Jr.) playing and we will open the session up to jam as well. Free and open to the public. Please consider attending if you can. We'd love to see you!



Dec 30, 2016

ACB Studio and Skype lessons for 2017

I'm not into resolutions but one thing I am going to really try to do more this upcoming year is teach more. I have missed it so much and miss seeing one's eyes light up after discovering new pathways to becoming a better musician. I am also looking into doing a few more outreach concerts/workshops (in between shows and possibly around these shows as well).

The Skype studio is going to launch a few new programs in January and if anyone is interested in a tpt/improv hang email us.  I know the rates we charge (through the shop) are very friendly on the wallet.

Big hugs to everyone out there and I hope you are staying warm in the early parts of this crazy wintah!


Jun 28, 2016

Temporary PayPal gateway issues fixed

‚ÄčFYI the shop is open with Ian and Scott manning the shop. I am working from home all morning as we had a bit of web store glitch these past few days with PayPal payments but I have corrected it. We switched over to a different payment gateway recently and it looks like some orders via PayPal weren't going through (thanks to my customers for bringing it to our attention yesterday).

That being said you can checkout via PayPal express checkout and it works fine (again). We will be following up with all of our clients who had issues with the paypal checkout system this past week in the next few days and get your orders processed. Thanks again for your wonderful support and patience!

If you had an order that didn't go through please be sure to ‚Äčemail us and we'll help you asap. 

Thanks everyone for your patience!


May 27, 2016

Introducing the ACB Gen II Trumpet mouthpiece line!


For 6 years I have been waiting for this moment and it's finally here!   A fully 100% in-house made mouthpiece!




We are beyond excited to proudly present the ACB Gen II trumpet mouthpiece line:




Why go to a new series of mouthpieces?




It's simple:   We can  now control every aspect of manufacturing.  No more delays via suppliers and platers (we are doing plating as well and  plating is guaranteed for life based on normal wear). We can easily edit and  make custom pieces.    Our tolerances are superb,  our quality control is meticulous since we now can control every  step of the processs.    Engraving is simple,  easy to read. 


  We will soon have GEN II one-piece mouthpieces (most likely in one month or so)  but right now we are offering the following tops, including some new pieces exclusive to the Gen II line!


These will be proudly on display at the 2016 ITG  conference along with an extensive collection of Adams and Manchester Brass instruments in the Huntington Suite.  Come by, check them out, play them,  and order yours today!   We'll also have a huge selection of our other ACB  mouthpieces at the show as well. 


                 Simply type in GEN2 in the coupon code box at checkout to save 10% off any Generation II ACB  model top. Special introductory pricing is already up and free US  shipping as well              


Again please accept our heartfelt thanks for all of your fantastic support making our dreams come alive.   We simply couldn't do it without you!  









Trent Austin




Austin Custom Brass









Feb 16, 2016

School vacation weeks... is it time for an appointment?

It's school vacation week time (this week in MA and ME, next week in NH). If you want to schedule some service work for your instrument we still have a few slots available. Email the shop at or call 781-944-6247 to set up your appointment times.

We are also getting and listing many more pre-owned instruments today, including two great playing MLP LA Benges, a superb playing Bach 43, and a few other goodies. Should be a busy week at the shop (like every other). We'll be open at noon today!

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Jan 26, 2016

New Dealer in Peru, upcoming shows, and more!

NAMM 2016 was an absolute blast!    Hearty thanks to everyone that came out and visited us at our booth this year!  We have so much to talk about and so many things happening as a result of the fantastic show.  We did open with a new dealer who will be our exclusive dealer in Peru!   More dealers have signed up as well (we'll be posting all their info up online:

Address: Pedro Conde 236 Lince Lima Peru (Zip code Lima14)
phones:  +5114225657 and  +51993340181

Also please check out our upcoming events page at the showroom, including our 2nd annual Adams Brass Day with Miel Adams at ACB... this year will include a free concert as well at the shop!

Upcoming shows


Jan 1, 2016

New Year, New Hours, New Incentives!

Happy New Year!  
We hope you had a wonderful evening and are looking forward to 2016 as much as we are!  It’s shaping up to be another fantastic year for our shop and with your help we will continue to grow.  Thank you again for an absolutely astounding 2015.
A new year means a few things for us at the shop:
1. Annual price increases... as much as we hate to do it rising manufacturing costs and suppliers raising their prices on us are forcing our hand. Most notably increases in ACB Doublers, Brasspire, Adams, and possibly other manufacturers when we hear from them. We will slowly start changing these next week at the shop but you can still take advantage of the 2015 prices at least until Monday!
2. New shop hours... this is something we've been toying with awhile and will have two days a week open later than before. In the past our hours have been 10-3 but most of you know I start working from home at 6AM and routinely work until 10-11PM ;-) Tuesday and Thursdays we will extend our work hours until 7PM.
Here's what the new hours look like:
Monday: Closed
Tuesday 12-7
Wednesday 10-3
Thursday 12-7
Friday 10-4
Saturday 11-5
Of course repair appointments are available M-F and welcomed for earlier times as Ian works earlier hours than us.  Sometimes with my trade show travel schedule these hours might not always work so it’s encouraged to call or email  us prior to your visit to ensure one of us is here for you!
3. CNC time: This is the year I get more time on my CNC so I will be mostly unavailable on M/W/F as those are days fully dedicated to machining pieces (so we can avoid raising our prices on the ACB line of mouthpieces and speed up our custom mouthpieces for you all). Scott, Josh, and hopefully some more staffers will be able to assist you but these days I am most definitely not going to be hanging upstairs.
4. 2016 will be the year of the referral for our shop.  We thrive and survive mostly on your referrals and this year we truly need your help to continue to grow. Each one of you are welcomed into a new program we are launching at ACB. For each instrument purchase referral you  send to the shop you will receive ACB store credit or a cash bonus (to be sent monthly). This will apply to every instrument in our catalogue from $400 to $20,000  so the actual  bonuses will reflect the  sale price of the instrument. The coolest thing in my opinion is that the customer you send to ACB for an instrument will also get an exclusive ACB bonus discount for participating. 
To sign up you will have to email the shop at for full details. We will then give you an exclusive ACB referral code for your present at checkout (can also be done online with our assistance).  
With your continued love and support we know ACB will continue to be “Ahead of the Class in Brass”!
Trent Austin 
Austin Custom Brass


Dec 23, 2015

Happy Holidays!

Season's greetings to you and yours!
Today is the last day the shop will be open before Christmas  and   I wanted to take a few moments to reflect from a stellar 2015.  Thank all of you for the amazing support this holiday season. This year we have continued to grow and we simply couldn't do any of this without you!  We LOVE setting up people with great gear to make their lives more easy and efficient. It's the reason we opened up our shop. Seeing people's eyes light up when they get more efficient gear and then hearing it live is pretty amazing.  As we continue to expand we strive to make your experiences the better than ever at ACB
 Thank you for astonishing support in 2015 and we wish you all the Best for 2016


Dec 1, 2015

ACB Holiday Shipping cutoff dates for 2015

2015 Holiday shipping cutoff dates for Austin Custom Brass

Happy December everyone! We are so incredibly thankful for such incredible support during our second annual ACB BRASSGIVING event and are gearing up for an even busier December. So much to ship, re-order, and re-stock. Thank you for an amazing past 8 days . We may or may not have left a few of the coupon codes up in case anyone missed the sales but they definitely won't be up for long at all (another day or two).  Shop now

Here are a few dates in terms of shipping orders for the holidays:

US cutoff date for FedEx ground shipping to guarantee delivery: 12/16

US cutoff date for USPS shipping to guarantee delivery:

Mail-by Dates (Domestic Services)

Dec. 15 - Standard Post
Ground service for less-than-urgent deliveries and oversized packages.

Dec. 19 - First Class Mail
Service for standard-sized, single-piece envelopes and small packages weighing up to 13 ounces with delivery in 3 business days or less.

Dec. 21 - Priority Mail
Domestic service in 1, 2, or 3 business days based on where your package starts and where it’s being sent, variety of Flat Rate options.

Dec. 23 - Priority Mail Express
Fastest domestic service, guaranteed overnight scheduled delivery to most locations. Some restrictions and exceptions apply. Please note, Priority Mail Express postage refund eligibility is adjusted for shipments mailed Dec. 22 through Dec. 25.

For international shipping December 11th is probably the best date although if you have specific inquires please email us directly and we can help!

Of course ACB Gift Certificates are always available and delivered via email on the holidays!

Thank you all!


Aug 11, 2015


Job Opportunity

Shop Assistant/Sales Professional
Austin Custom Brass
Reading, MA

Austin Custom Brass is looking for an energetic, enthusiastic shop assistant to help with daily duties in this busy retail brass musical instrument shop. Responsibilities include:

Helping clients find the trumpet, mouthpiece, or accessory that fits their needs.

Processing online orders for instruments, mouthpieces, and accessories, including acknowledging the order and packing and shipping the merchandise.

Assist with instrument cleanings.

Receive shipments and keep an inventory of products.

Add products and descriptions to the online store.

A trustworthy and independent self-starter is key, as the Shop Assistant may work alone on some days. Knowledge of brass instruments is a must (especially low brass); prior retail or customer service experience is desired. 

The shop assistant will work a minimum of 20 hours per week. The hourly pay range is commensurate with experience.

To apply, please send a cover letter and resume to At this time please no phone calls.

Applications will be accepted until the position is filled.

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Jun 28, 2015

Week of June 29th shop hours

FYI this upcoming week due to the fact the shop is under-staffed and it's also a huge vacation week for most people we are moving to appointment only hours on Tue, Wed, and Thursday. The retail shop will be closed on Monday, Friday, and Saturday. The Repair shop is open Monday-Thursday this week but we still encourage appointments. Thanks everyone for the fantastic support! LOTS of new goodies coming into the shop this week


Jun 13, 2015

Available Adams Inventory

Want to know what we have in stock in terms of Adams in the shop? Click the link to find out. Check out often (we sold a bunch of horns yesterday and have a big order coming in a few weeks as well)

Email us at or call us at 781-944-6127 today to order your instrument!


May 21, 2015

Adams and ACB at the 2015 ITG conference!

It's getting to be crunch time here for the 2015 ITG show. We're deep in the prep for the ITG show and plan to have a "few" Adams goodies there:
Adams Brass at the ITG Conference 2015:
• More than 60 instruments – for sale
• Newest generation C-trumpet
• Brand new A10 trumpet
• Piccolos with short action valve blocks
• Brand new F5 flugelhorn

We'll look forward to seeing you there (both in the McKinley room in the main exhibit hall and our private room Knox). If you'd like to make a specific appointment time for consultation please message us here or email the shop.

The ACB booth in the McKinley will feature a very large assortment of ACB exclusive products including:

ACB Doubler's flugelhorns
Brasspire Trumpets 
Manchester Brass (Taiwan) Trumpets, Cornets, flugelhorns, and pocket trumpets

ACB Peruvian Leather Cases
and more! 

Not going to the ITG? Send us an email to and we'll send you an exclusive coupon to save off the entire web store. 

Can't wait to see, hang, hear, and jam with everyone in Columbus shortly!

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May 8, 2015

Now Carrying Adams Euphoniums!

Another exciting piece of news... our first batch of Adams Euphoniums available for purchase direct at ACB will be arriving in a few days. For years we have focused on the high brass side of things but now are finally expanding to trombones (we have a bunch for sale here at the shop right now), tubas, and euphoniums. Why not start out with IMO the best euphoniums on the market. We have the following available:

1. Adams E1 .60 Gold Brass Bell, in clear lacquer
2. Adams E1 .60 Sterling Silver bell, in brushed lacquer (sale pending) 
3 Adams E2 .80 yellow brass bell, silver plated (Selected series).

We do have more coming in shortly but here's your very rare chance to order one today, save the 4 month wait and get an incredible instrument.

Email or call us today to set up an in-store trial. We can pick anyone up from Logan Airport, there's a nice hotel less than 1/2 of a mile away from the shop, and tons of great food options close. If you have been in the market for a world-class Adams Euphonium let us know and we can make it happen for you!



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Apr 27, 2015

New Spring/Summer 2015 hours

FYI we have new shop hours for the Spring/Summer 2015. The repair shop will be open M-F 9-2 (appointments are strongly encouraged) and the retail store is open 10-3 Tue-Sat. The retail shop will be closed for visitors Sunday and Monday.

Please be aware if these hours do not work for your visit we are a bit flexible. We are 99% surely in the shop during these times if you do come visit us. As always you can call the shop 781-944-6247 or email us  here and we'll be glad to assist you in any way possible.

Thanks everyone!


Feb 27, 2015

Adams Trumpet Day with Miel Adams 3/18!

Here's the info on 3/18 at the shop.  Please let me know if you need any more info!
We have a very special day here planned on March 18th at my shop. This day my very dear friend and trumpet designer Miel Adams will be in the shop showing all of the newest Adams Brass Instruments, including our brand-new completely revised C Trumpets and piccolo trumpets. 

There will be free food all day, beverages, laughs, a tour of the entire retail and repair shops, and lots of FUN!

Please RSVP at with your name and phone number or just sign up to attend here. 

Trent will be giving free lessons all day to anyone interested as well. All you need to do is come in and ask. 

We hope to see you here and please share this event with your friends.
Click this link below directions to the Reading, Shop.

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Jan 3, 2015

Happy New Year specials at ACB!

Happy New Year Gift for all of our clients! This month only we have a special rewards program for anyone purchasing instruments at ACB. 

Purchase any instrument between $500-1000 receive a $50 Austin Custom Brass Gift Card (for a future purchase).

Purchase any instrument between $1000 and $2000 receive a $75 Austin Custom Brass Gift Card (for a future purchase).

Any purchase over $2000 and you will receive a $100 Austin Custom Brass Gift Card (for a future purchase).

Happy shopping everyone!

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May 29, 2014

ACB's New hours and staff

Some updates due to the additional staffers here at ACB:

New Shop hours (we greatly prefer you to set up an appointment though in case we are out on the road)

NEW ACB suggested hours but I am asking for you to schedule an appointment to get the most personal time for fittings.

Monday 10-3 (TA is not in on Mondays)

Tue 10-4

Wed 10-4

Thu 10-4

Friday 10-4

Saturday 11-3

Later hours are available but need to be requested prior to arrival. Skype and in-shop lessons are available during these times and also after hours every day.


Want to talk on the phone? We have just added a second phone line (781-944-6247 for North American calls only, 339-224-6069 for worldwide calling) and if you call and get get in touch with us one of the staff will return your call asap. We do have dedicated phone hours 10-11 every day I'm open. If we don't pick up the phone we are most likely with a client but will return your call just as soon as we can!