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Mar 4, 2017

Please come attend the 3rd Annual ACB Adams Brass Day!

We have a very special day here planned on Wednesday, March 22nd at the ACB shops from 12-7:00PM

My very dear friend and brass designer Miel Adams will be in the shop showing all of the newest Adams Instruments, including the newest trumpet, piccolo trumpet, flugelhorn, Euphonium and Tuba designs to the public (low brass is relatively new to ACB). We encourage you to attend, hang out, have fun, try some horns, pick our brains, and take advantage of special one-day coupons available in the shop!

There will be free food all day, beverages, a tour of the ACB shops, and to culminate the night a free live concert/jam session (5:30-7PM) featuring my quartet.

Register here:

Please RSVP via the link (above) or call with your name and phone number or call 781-944-6247. For detailed directions please go to: (or click the map to the left) 

We look forward to seeing you here and celebrating with us! 


Trent Austin


Oct 25, 2016

New Dealer Announcement: Del Quadro Trumpets!

New Dealer announcement:

ACB is so very happy to welcome aboard as a new ACB mouthpiece dealer Del Quadro Trumpets! Mike is an incredible repair tech and now has a shop in the Las Vegas area. We are shipping his first dealer order today and by the end of the week he'll have a bunch of ACB goodies to show to customers in the area. We are honored you will be carrying our line of standard series mouthpieces. Thank you Mike!

Contact Mike below for more info:

Del Quadro Trumpets 
ph: 316-648-6914

Email Del Quadro Trumpets

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Mar 29, 2016

We are hiring!

Is there a skilled CNC operator in the area who might want to come work for us? We are hiring!

(please share if you know of someone who might be interested)


We are hiring!

Is there a skilled CNC operator in the area who might want to come work for us? We are hiring!

(please share if you know of someone who might be interested)


Mar 8, 2016

Upcoming ACB/Adams traveling tour March 11-16th

Super excited to be getting ready for my special March traveling tour with Miel Adams and Adams Brass Instruments. We hope to catch you at the following shows:

March 11-12: National Trumpet Competition, Columbus State University, Columbus, GA (we will have over 30 instruments, hundreds of mouthpieces, and even an Euphonium with us for trial)

March 14th: Adams Brass Day at Austin Custom Brass, Reading, MA

March 16th: Adams Trumpet Day at J. Landress Brass, NYC

We'll look forward to seeing you soon!

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Feb 17, 2016

Register Today for the 2nd Annual Adams Brass Day at Austin Custom Brass!

We'd love to see you at our very special event with Miel Adams (of Adams Brass) Monday, March 14th! Fun all day that culminates with a live concert and jam session at the shop with my quartet (with Ryan ParkerDavid Landoni, and Les Harris Jr.) rounding out the evening! Food, beverages, fun, and all free to the public!

We hope to see you at ACB!


Dec 13, 2015

Exciting new Custom Trumpet From Manchester Brass!

We are so pleased with the fantastic success of the Manchester Brass line we asked our manufacturer to make us a complete custom model. This is an AMAZING playing instrument, perhaps the best playing trumpet you will find at this price on the market. Some key features:

ML Bore
Reversed leadpipe
Light weight, large flare (think Bach 72) 5 inch bell in gold brass
Nickel trim
Nickel Inner slides
Stainless steel valves
.460 ML bore
Deluxe carry bag with backpack straps
Each horn will be personally play tested and adjusted by me, optimizing the playability

This horn has an absolutely huge Sound profile and tons of versatility (recording clips and posting in an hour or so).

This horn will sell for $975 shipped within the US.

I can't begin to tell you how excited we are for this launch. This horn, I believe, could easily sell for $14-1500 but that has never been our shop's mission to be greed based. We want to provide incredible equipment, personally tweaked and modded by our shop, for a great price.

We can ship these and have them arrive to your door at least in the US before the holidays culminate.


Nov 27, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving and exclusive ACB coupons available!

Happy Thanksgiving and thank you for such wonderful support!  We simply couldn't do any of this without your incredible love,  encouragement,  kindness,  patience, and compassion.

Here's some of the offers we have:

Simply type in MBPRO15 in the coupon code at checkout to save 15% off any Manchester Brass Professional model instrument.

As most of you know out there we just LOVE the amazing quality, fit, finish, and playability of the Brasspire line of instruments Simply type in SPIRE in the coupon code at checkout to save 20% off any Brasspire instrument. This applies to all of their instruments, including the custom line (which would be custom built for you if not in stock).

We are particularly excited about this coupon today and thank you all for such great support in the first two days of our sales. All coupon codes are good until next Tuesday!

If you have been thinking about purchasing a new Adams this is going to be a great coupon for you. Save 10% off any new Adams instrument purchase by simply typing in AD10 in the coupon code box at checkout for your discount. This will be the only time this year the Adams instruments are available for a special savings so take advantage of this. Limited coupons are available on this sale!

(please note this coupon does not apply to demo or used Adams instruments, which are already priced at a great discount).

Special deals on mouthpieces:

If you type in 25ACC  at checkout you can save 25% on any accessory item!


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Aug 22, 2014

The Repair shop is OPEN!

We are very proud to announce that we have our full service repair shop now open to the public.  Check out the page for more details!

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