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  • New Year, New Hours, New Incentives!

    Happy New Year!  
    We hope you had a wonderful evening and are looking forward to 2016 as much as we are!  It’s shaping up to be another fantastic year for our shop and with your help we will continue to grow.  Thank you again for an absolutely astounding 2015.
    A new year means a few things for us at the shop:
    1. Annual price increases... as much as we hate to do it rising manufacturing costs and suppliers raising their prices on us are forcing our hand. Most notably increases in ACB Doublers, Brasspire, Adams, and possibly other manufacturers when we hear from them. We will slowly start changing these next week at the shop but you can still take advantage of the 2015 prices at least until Monday!
    2. New shop hours... this is something we've been toying with awhile and will have two days a week open later than before. In the past our hours have been 10-3 but most of you know I start working from home at 6AM and routinely work until 10-11PM ;-) Tuesday and Thursdays we will extend our work hours until 7PM.
    Here's what the new hours look like:
    Monday: Closed
    Tuesday 12-7
    Wednesday 10-3
    Thursday 12-7
    Friday 10-4
    Saturday 11-5
    Of course repair appointments are available M-F and welcomed for earlier times as Ian works earlier hours than us.  Sometimes with my trade show travel schedule these hours might not always work so it’s encouraged to call or email  us prior to your visit to ensure one of us is here for you!
    3. CNC time: This is the year I get more time on my CNC so I will be mostly unavailable on M/W/F as those are days fully dedicated to machining pieces (so we can avoid raising our prices on the ACB line of mouthpieces and speed up our custom mouthpieces for you all). Scott, Josh, and hopefully some more staffers will be able to assist you but these days I am most definitely not going to be hanging upstairs.
    4. 2016 will be the year of the referral for our shop.  We thrive and survive mostly on your referrals and this year we truly need your help to continue to grow. Each one of you are welcomed into a new program we are launching at ACB. For each instrument purchase referral you  send to the shop you will receive ACB store credit or a cash bonus (to be sent monthly). This will apply to every instrument in our catalogue from $400 to $20,000  so the actual  bonuses will reflect the  sale price of the instrument. The coolest thing in my opinion is that the customer you send to ACB for an instrument will also get an exclusive ACB bonus discount for participating. 
    To sign up you will have to email the shop at for full details. We will then give you an exclusive ACB referral code for your present at checkout (can also be done online with our assistance).  
    With your continued love and support we know ACB will continue to be “Ahead of the Class in Brass”!
    Trent Austin 
    Austin Custom Brass